Go Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda though using a local Travel Agency and reduce the cost of Using an International Travel company and this is how it goes by going on Gorilla Trekking Adventure to Rwanda. You’ll end up paying about twice if you use the international travel agency as much as you would by booking through a local operator if you go with the local Rwandan companies’ gorilla trekking safaris will be cheaper. The really good reason to go local. You’ll also get more flexibility with your itinerary. I looked at the 9 day Rwanda Gorilla Safari Holiday on offer from Active African Vacations at USD 4900 on Supper Luxury Gorilla Safari yet an international company had charged me USD 6100 and I choose to travel with a local travel agency and I saved around USD 1200 which was a great deal for me and I Recommend Using A local Travel company. You would get a custom-made itinerary for Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda (just you and your driver, if travelling alone) with moderate-luxury accommodation for that price.

There are lots of local operators that have been reviewed on here and you could start your planning by checking a few of them out along with their itineraries to give you some ideas. For Travelers that have short stay in Rwanda Book 1 Day Rwanda gorilla Safari.

I can’t comment on Uganda as I’ve only been to Rwanda but the Gorilla trekking in both countries seems to be fairly similar. Rwanda has the added bonus of your ‘classic’ Canopy walking experiences. Volcanoes National Park that night waking up to your gorilla trek the next morning and the next Day we visited Dian Fossey grave and even Golden Monkey Tracking as we had focused on Primates Adventure on my Rwanda Safari Holiday.

The first time I booked a Gorilla Trekking trip to Rwanda I was too scared to transfer my hard earned $$$ to a local operator directly so I found the local operator that I liked the look of (it was Active African Vacations. I paid about USD 1000 for that peace of mind but knowing what I know now, I just paid the money directly to active African Vacations. Upon the Arrival of the Money to the Company’s account I received an Email Telling me that the money had arrived safely and few days later I received the scanned copies of the Gorilla Permits showing my trekking days and that’s how I realized that Local Travel agents are cheaper compared to International Tour Operators. From the experience I got from Active African Vacations that offered me great Rwanda Gorilla Trekking yet the Company is based in Uganda Kampala I recommend them.